CBD Area has outstanding location advantages and convenient transportation with the three-dimensional transport network integrating sea, land, air and railway transport and extending in all directions. Adjacent to Tianjin Port, CBD Area has access to more than 400 ports in the world, is within 30 minutes of driving away from Tianjin Airport and connects more than 30 domestic and foreign cities. Yujiapu high-speed rail station in the core area of CBD Area was open for traffic on September 20, 2015, making the opening of the fast channel connecting Beijing, Tianjin and Binhai New Area and shortening the traffic time from Beijing South Railway Station to Yujiapu and from Tianjin Railway Station to Yujiapu respectively to 53 minutes and 21 minutes. Seven rail transit lines planned for CBD Area constitute a rail transit web structure of “four horizontals, two verticals and half a ring” to cover the entire territory of Binhai New Area. Among which, the construction of line B1 and line Z4 has been fully launched and they will intersect in Yujiapu high-speed rail station in future. It is expected that Binhai New Area will fully get into the rail transit era at the end of the “Thirteenth Five-Year Plan”. The road traffic network of CBD Area is also developed with 11 highways, including Tianjin Avenue, Central Avenue, Tianjin-Binhai Highway, Beijing-Tianjin-Tanggu Highway, Beijing-Tianjin Highway, Coastal Highway, etc., connecting the central urban area, Beijing, Hebei and other surrounding provinces and cities conveniently. 11 bridges and tunnels achieve barrier-free accessibility for both sides of Haihe River.